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Bookkeeping in Bracknell

As a business, you must record both your business income and expenses (bookkeeping). In other words, bookkeeping is compulsory for every UK business. Also in addition to doing bookkeeping, you must keep these records for a certain period or risk getting penalties. The good bookkeeping help the accounts preparation much easier, and so is the self assessment tax return. While every business must do their bookkeeping, but only a company has to prepare and file accounts. It is therefore important that the bookkeeping is correctly done so that your tax return is correct (and so is the tax due). Contact our experienced team of bookkeeping in Bracknell  today for our bookkeeping services.

bookkeeping services
bookkeeping in Bracknell

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Bookkeeping services Bracknell

If bookkeeping is not so correct, then as a result, the tax payments could either be over- or underpaid. And the  tax returns will likely be wrong too.

Our accountants are not only highly qualified but also very reliable with the bookkeeping services. So you can rest assured that your income & expenses will be correctly recorded. Besides, you will always receive our unlimited support and prompt response. Hence you will be happy with our reliability and support.

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There are legal requirements for your business to record and keep your business records.

As a sole trader and a partner in a business partnership, you must keep records of your business income and expenses (records keeping) for at least 5 years after the 31 January filing deadline of the relevant tax year. In addition, you will also have to keep the VAT records if you are VAT registered. Further, PAYE records must be kept too if a member of staff is employed. Besides, the authorities require you to also keep records of your own personal income. And a nominated partner in a business partnership must keep records of the partnership as well.

Similarly, a company must keep their business records too but for 6 years from the end of its financial year that it relates to. Besides, it must also keep details of its shareholders and directors. In addition to above, it will have to keep the company financial and accounting records as well. These include, for instance, goods that it buys or debts that it owes or is owed. HMRC, however, can fine a company £3,000 and disqualify its director for failing to keep its accounting records.

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