MW Accounting Services was established by our partner, Mark Pereira, a fully qualified accountant. Since qualifying in 1997, Mark has worked at numerous accounting practices in the UK, including the big 5 firms. He has gained extensive experience and knowledge in accounts and business areas. He has also learned and acquired substantial experience in dealing with different types of businesses and clients. So Mark is one of the best Bracknell accountants you can trust in his accounting services and advice. With our help, you can then concentrate on growing your business.

Qualified Bracknell accountants

Our accountants are fully qualified and professional. They are also reliable and friendly with substantial experience and expertise. We will ensure that our work will go beyond the standard set by the professional body. Our accounting services can be made to match your requirements with competitive fees.

As part of a work-life balance and for our accountants to keep fit, we spend time relaxing and doing exercise, for example, walking to work where possible, going for a walk at lunch break and doing meditation. This results in us being energised, refresh and concentrated. All of these help us provide the best of our accounting services.


Because we now start to see the severe impacts of the climate change on our planet, we believe everyone should try to help reduce these effects. With this in mind and our care of environment in the local area where we do our business, we think we should try to do our bit to help reduce the carbon footprints. We therefore have decided to become an online and paperless office so that we do not increase our carbon footprints to the world. However, we are happy to meet clients face-to-face if you would like to.

Why MW Accounting Services:

  • peace of mind services
  • unlimited support
  • competitive fees
  • prompt response
  • expertise
  • experienced
  • friendly
  • very reliable
  • professional

If you are looking for peace of mind accountants in Bracknell or the Berkshire areas, MW Accounting Services is one of the best accounting services providers you can trust and rely on. Please contact us today to see how we can help.