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MW Accounting Services is a firm of Charted Certified Accountants in Bracknell. We have helped businesses and individuals who prefer or look for local accountants who live and provide accounting services in their Bracknell and Berkshire areas.

Our accountants are fully qualified with extensive experience and expertise in helping businesses with their accounting needs. Our accounting services can always be tailored to suit your business requirements. We provide reliable, friendly and professional accounting services to small & medium sized businesses.


Our fees are competitive and affordable.

Self-employed individuals/Freelancers

When starting a business, you may decide to be a freelancer or self-employed (an unincorporated businness) instead of a limited company. (an incorporated business) as it has less legal requirements and obligations than an incorporated one. So if you decide to start as a freelancer or self-employed, and whether you are a baker, taxi driver or writer, you must register for your self assessment tax return. You can do it yourself or We, MW Accounting Services, can help you with your registration and meet your other obligations and deadlines. Our services for your self assessment tax return include:

  • tax return registration
  • bookkeeping if required
  • tax return submission
  • profit & loss account
  • advice

VAT & Payroll can be added if required. Our fees are compettitive but affordable .

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Very Professional and super reliable.

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“As a freelancer working in Bracknell, they have been really helpful and professional with my Accounting”

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“Great Accountants, very professional”

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When 2 or more people start a business together or when your profit is getting above the basic rate band , a partnership may be more tax-efficient. If you are a partner in a partnerships business, you will have to register yourself as a partner. You can register online or by using a form SA401. If you are a nominated partner, you will have to register and file a partnership tax return.  We can help you with:

  • partnership tax return registration
  • partnership tax return & submission
  • self assessment tax return registration for each partner 
  • self assessment tax return submission for each partner
  • bookkeeping
  • partnership profit & loss account

VAT & Payroll can be added if required

Established companies and start ups

A limited company has its own legal entity which is separate from shareholders and directors. A companymay have to register for self assessment and file their self assessment tax return as he or she will likely receive dividends. A company director is also responsible for registering and filing a company tax return, annual accounts and confirmation statement. We have extensive experience in helping clients with their:

  • company incorporation
  • corporation tax return
  • statutory accounts
  • self assessment tax return for company directors
  • confirmation statement

For start ups, we can provide advice to help you make decision on whether to start as a sole trader or limited company. And if you decide to go limited company, we can help with your company incorporation.

VAT & Payroll can be added if required

Income from land and properties

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When you let out your property, you must register and file your self assessment tax return. When you let out a furnished accoomodation in your home, you will not have to register and complete a tax return if your income is less than the threshold (currently £7,500). This means the £7,500 you earn is tax-free and the exemption is automatic. However, if the income from a furnished spare room in your home is higher than the threshold, you will have to register and file your tax return. MW Accounting Services can advise and help you on this matter.